Create accurate catchment area maps with a click.

The Crosscut App lets you quickly and easily generate catchment area maps, estimate target populations, analyze geographic accessibility, and plan supplies.

The Challenge

Catchment area maps are challenging to create.

A catchment area map displays the geographic areas serviced by a site, such as a hospital, school, or store. When creating catchment area maps, it’s difficult to figure out where to draw the boundaries. This is because you have to pull together multiple disparate data sources, including population, location of buildings, roadways, terrain, elevation, waterways, type of land cover, etc.

Catchment area maps are generally created in one of two ways: by hiring geospatial experts to do complex, computer-intensive modeling, or by having locals who know the area drive around the location and mark boundaries on a paper map.


Requires hiring teams of experts to create the map.


Requires either extensive computer processing time or physical travel time.


Cannot easily be updated without performing the entire analysis again.

The Crosscut App lets non-experts easily create accurate catchment area maps.

Our app draws from the latest publicly available data sources to create catchment area maps that account for population density and distribution, elevation and ground cover, road and waterways, administrative boundaries, and other relevant factors.


Create maps in a matter of minutes, not months


It's easy to create maps and perform analysis on catchment areas


Our maps are proven to be as accurate as those created by teams of experts


Users can edit catchment area borders and adjust sites endlessly


Our generous forever free tier will get you mapping in no time


Crosscut Advisory Services

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Supply chain management

Technology and Analytics

Geospatial Insights

Disease Surveillance

Monitoring and Evaluation

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