Our team is passionate about:

Tackling hard

We strive to strike the balance between providing top-tier data engineering with a people-oriented approach.

Doing great work for our clients

We are a creative, high-energy team, and we will work with you to come up with innovative solutions to your toughest challenges.

Making a positive difference in the world

We have done numerous analytical projects across a range of countries and can provide client references as needed.

Technical Offerings

Our team is here to help provide best-in-class service across a variety of technical offerings.

Supply Chain Management

We have seasoned professionals with deep experience in all aspects of supply chain management in both the public and private sector.

Technology and Analytics

We have a team of top-tier engineers and creative data analysts who build cloud-native analytics pipelines and easy-to-use applications to measure and improve program performance.

Geospatial Insights

We have extensive capability in this area through the ongoing work we do on the Crosscut App.

Disease Surveillance

We use modern analytics pipelines and geospatial approaches to dramatically speed up the latency time between collecting disease data and recognizing there is a problem to address.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We leverage emerging technologies and methodologies to revolutionize monitoring and evaluation, driving better outcomes and impact.

Case studies from the field

Dive into real-world examples showcasing how Crosscut's advisory services have made a significant impact on Global Health supply chains.

Let’s get started.

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