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Crosscut is a certified U.S. small business with a mission to unlock data to make Global Health supply chains more efficient and effective.

Our Values

At the heart of Crosscut are our core values, which inform every project we undertake and every solution we deliver.

These values are more than just buzzwords to us. They are commitments that guide our decisions and actions. They push us to produce exceptional work for our clients.

Client Focus

We create value for our clients. Always. This is our North Star.


We design clever solutions to hard problems. This brings us great joy.


We relax problem constraints to imagine a different world, or we use problem constraints to spark the creative process.


We derive meaning from helping others and we do what is right, even when it means making sacrifices.

Meet the Crosscut team.

Coite Manuel

Coite has committed his life to making the world a better place through better design, and he believes that design is at the core of all that is right (and wrong) with so much of what we experience every day. Coite brings 15+ years of experience in supply chain management, including serving a Senior Supply Chain Advisor in USAID’s Global Health Office and more than four years as a public health supply chain consultant. He has worked with clients such as the Gates Foundation, the World Bank, John Snow Inc., Chemonics, PAE, UNFPA, and UNICEF on a variety of supply chain and data analytics projects.

Brianna Poulos
Senior Engineer

Brianna is a seasoned senior engineer with 9 years of experience building distributed applications and leading engineering teams. Before Crosscut, Brianna worked at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where she was the engineering lead for a multi-site, high-latency communication application and contributed security features to OpenStack, an open-source project for managing private cloud resources. In her free time, she loves to practice memorization and to bike along the Anacostia river.

James McKinnon
Data Analyst

James has spent the last 8 years committed to using data analytics to ensure that global health supply chains deliver life-saving commodities to everyone who needs them, no matter how challenging the circumstances.  He prides himself on being able to apply his expertise to any level of the supply chain, whether that be by designing dashboards for use at USAID headquarters, assessing regional warehouses in Ethiopia, or managing the day to day supply operations of a project in rural South Sudan, to name just a handful of examples. In his spare time, he loves exploring ruins with his partner and dog, taking long runs, and reading history and science fiction.

Emmanuel Koh

Emmanuel is a software developer who thrives on building technology to make a positive impact on the world through collaborative teamwork. Before joining Crosscut, he was an active violist and has served as a violin/viola faculty and administrator. In his free time, Emmanuel enjoys playing chamber music with friends and exploring different places and trails on his electric unicycle.

Alex Poulos

Alex is one of those rare geniuses whose expertise and curiosity spans domains: he is probably one of the only technologists you will meet who also happens to have a PhD in Ancient Greek and Latin languages. Alex is a full-stack developer with expertise in Node.js/JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Swift (iOS), Elixir, R, React, Serverless and Containerized Cloud Deployment (Docker/Kubernetes, GKE, AWS Lambda/ECS), Linux, SQL/NoSQL. He is certified as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Solutions Architect. Alex has a BS in Computer Science from N.C. State and an MA and PhD in classical literature from Catholic University.

Matthew Whittemore
Senior Advisor

Matthew is an experienced lead software engineer with 10 years of experience growing startups and building SaaS applications. Prior to joining Crosscut, Matthew worked at Mapbox for five years where worked on products including Mapbox Studio, the Mapbox Dataset Editor, and Offline Navigation. Before Mapbox Matthew led the engineering team at Social Tables. In his free time, Matthew can be found doing Tae Kwon Do, tinkering with home electronics, reading or playing logistics based video games.


Crosscut was selected out of 1,100 applications for a prestigious Gates Foundation Grand Challenge grant for our geospatial planning technology
Crosscut was selected as a GAVI global partner in supply chain analytics (further prequalified in Ethiopia)
Crosscut was selected as finalist for DHIS App of the Year at the DHIS2 annual conference for its geospatial planning application
Crosscut was selected as a Task Force for Global Health COR-NTD Innovator of the Year
Crosscut was 1 of 10 tech companies selected to present their digital health technology at the Alliance for Malaria Prevention annual meeting


“DHIS2 is pleased to partner with Crosscut to provide their geospatial and supply chain planning app to the DHIS2 community. Crosscut integrates with DHIS2 and gives DHIS2 users the ability to independently create catchment area maps, estimate target population, analyze accessibility, plan supplies, and monitor coverage at the sub-district level. This helps to ensure settlements are not missed, services are provided equitably, and the right quantity of supplies are where they need to be. Crosscut’s ability to enable users to easily create catchment areas is a perfect complement to DHIS2.”

Kristin Braa


HISP Center University of Oslo

“The Crosscut team has helped UNICEF think through digitized electronic microplanning strategies in Ethiopia and Uganda and as a result Governments have made wise choices. Crosscut is responsive, attending Government meetings at a moment’s notice and assisting with designs just because they are committed to the approach. They are a strong player in the field and resourcing them would help us all in moving forward. They are very customer orientated with their solutions. We highly value them as a partner because they can demonstrate impact for children.”

Ann Robins

Chief Child Survival and Development


“The Crosscut collaboration has been vital in improving our ability to plan mass drug administration campaigns to eliminate transmission of lymphatic filariasis in Haiti.  The campaigns depend on accurate population estimates not only to procure medicine and to organize distribution teams, but to calculate treatment coverage, which is a key performance metric. In challenging environments like Haiti where population estimates may be derived from decades-old census data, we need innovative solutions like Crosscut to solve these challenges and to enhance program impact.”

Greg Noland

Program Director

River Blindness, Lymphatic Filariasis, Schistosomiasis, and Malaria, The Carter Center

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